Never Explain Your Work! It Speaks for Itself

We all are familiar with the famous quote “Work hard in silence and let your success makes the noise”. Many a times we are dwelled so much into explaining our worth and our work to others, like we are making them understand that we are actually doing something worth in our lives. But, my question is: why waste your time explaining things that can actually be shown up by the virtue of your hard work?

In this competitive world, there are endless fingers pointing towards you and trust me those fingers care nothing about your success but just seek entertainment demeaning you. No one knows us better than ourselves, so it is us who know what is best for us. Rather than focusing on proving things to others, one should focus on making himself/herself proud enough to rise up in his/her own eyes. There is a lot that we think for ourselves, and a lot we want to accomplish in our lives whose worth is completely unknown to others and therefore, there is no point explaining your dreams to people who don’t even bother about your success. Let’s just focus on our dreams and once you’ll accomplish your ultimate goals; your work will speak for itself.

One should take every criticism as a part of the journey to success and not react to it keeping entire focus on his work. Let’s be thankful to each and every challenge that we face in the journey as that will build our strength and our character. As Frank A Clark has quoted “If your find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere”. So, my friend if you’re facing criticism or hurdles on your path, you’re on the right track! As more difficult the situation becomes, more creative you’ll be at the end discovering new solutions to reach your ultimate goals. Always remember why you’ve started and pose the never ending enthusiasm within, so that success becomes destined for you and criticism worth nothing.

Make sure, you achieve what you dream as nobody else is going to do that for you and once you’ll get there, your work would speak up itself. Those pointing fingers will make the palm open up and applause, and even if they don’t; it would hardly matter to you!

It’s not important to receive thousands of applause, achieving respect in your own eyes for yourself is what matters the most!!!

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