Be a Product of Your Decisions, Not Circumstances!

Many of us want to live the life of our dreams but only few of us are able to make up to it. Those few are the ones who instead of being under the pressure of the circumstances, create new opportunities for themselves and walk to achieve their dreams.

Struggles have always been a great part of success and we all know this very well. No great person of times achieved success without facing struggle but the thing that made them achieve their dreams was their decision to stick up to their dreams and work hard to achieve them. There are thousands of people who are bounded by their circumstances whether financial inability to do something or parental pressure. But there are those thousands successful names in the world too, who have made it to their dreams fighting through their circumstances.

Circumstances always limit us as they force us to choose our goals from certain specific options. But there is a big difference between goals and dreams. I would say, one should go for his/dreams as they are the real goal that will fill the appetite of your soul, once accomplished. One should discover the creativity inside and think accordingly of what they are capable of achieving in their life keeping circumstances completely aside for just few minutes and then one can actually discover what he/she is capable of doing in life.

Our creativity always leads us to think beyond our circumstances and then comes the decision making. Trust your talents and take the decision of following your dreams and living a life that you actually want to live by your heart. Abide by your decision and fight with your circumstances to achieve the success you want and a day will occur when you’ll feel immense pleasure and proud about not giving up during the bad circumstances of your life.

I’ve read somewhere that “Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal. Prepare yourself in every way you can by increasing your knowledge and adding to your experience, so that you can make the most of the opportunity when it occurs”. You decision to follow your dreams should be strong to the extent that any circumstance of your life is not able to break your courage and enthusiasm. Your talents and your creativity are unique; just because you can pursue it, which is why you’re gifted with these. Let’s just not waste it being bounded by the circumstances. Let’s just think beyond our circumstances and live a life of our dreams so that one day we can stand up proud with no guilt of having given up on our dreams.

Let our decisions be strong enough, that circumstances can’t affect us!

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