The Expert too was once a Beginner!

We humans whenever try to do something new in our life or start any of the work that we are interested in; we need sudden command on it and if that doesn’t happen we immediately change our target. But do we ever think at that point of time, that all great things require a lot of hard work and patience? Do we realize that all the work that is being counted on great virtues required years of struggle and patience?

All the successful people we hear about today were once the beginners. There was a time in Sachin’s life too when he held the bat for the first time, there was a time in Sania Mirza’s life too when she held the racket for the first time and there was a time in Thomas Edison’s life too when he touched the wires for the first time. The reason that these all are/were experts in their respective fields is their hard work and never giving up attitude. They too have faced failures in their lives, they too might have been through a lot of struggle but these people always chose to stand up and never give up how hard the situation was.

Someone has rightly said that “winners are not those who never fail; winners are those who never quit”. If a plan to reach to our target fails, rather than changing the target we should change the plan. If we face failures now and then in life, rather than wasting our time crying for it, we should plan on how to succeed the next time and once we will start doing such things, we’ll be habitual of moving on and standing up again and again and ultimately the optimism that will develop inside us will automatically reduce the chances of failures and take us towards our goals. We will then be able to master on our talents and skills and will then be recognized for the exceptional ability we have as success in life is always about the progress and not the perfection. It is about how far we are today from where we were tomorrow and not about how far we have to go. Your hard work, continuous practice will ultimately make you successful but what you have to focus on right now is the progress, the improvements you have today on what you had yesterday.

Patience is the key to all great works and in order to succeed one must be patient along with the hard work he/she does. Not all the actions have immediate results because if it had been so there will be no taste in success. We should have faith in our virtues, our actions and just keep performing without worrying much about the result. If we want to master on our skills, we have to be patient and keep on practicing despite of how many times we fail as every failure in life will inspire us to do much better the next time. Failures are actually the lessons that teach us to improve and work on our weak points in order to make us perfect in whole.

Thus, rather than craving for immediate results and success, just keep on working hard and you’ll get the things you wish in your life at the right time. Rather than giving up just at the beginning, keep faith in yourself and improve your skills with continuous practice and efforts and one day, you’ll master your talent!!

Don’t look for immediate results, great success takes great time too!

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