Grow Through What You Go Through!

Failures or lessons? Heartbreaks or lessons? Rejections or lessons?

Every situation we go through in our life, teaches us something or the other. Every circumstance in which we are dwelled, willingly or unwillingly gives us a lifetime lesson and prepares us for the time ahead. Thus instead of finding grief about any sad situation in our life, one must think of all the possible solutions to overcome that.

Sometimes it takes a lot to come out of heartbreak, failure, cheating etc. but always remember that life is a series of ups and downs and you have to fight some of the worst days to earn some best ones. These lessons are very important in our lives as they always make us strong enough to stand once again with all our might. These lessons always prepare us for the worst, so that in any case, if we have to face anything tragic in our lives in future, we could have that potential to fight with the situations.

Let’s always consider all the downs of our lives as the best lessons that life has given us. Question yourself once: Were you strong enough before to face bad circumstances, like you are now? Did you have the courage to take risks in order to make your life better, which you have now? Could you handle situations all by your own before, like you can do now? My friend, you’ll yourself get the answer. So, whatever bad life throws at us, it always has something or the other to teach us and make us strong enough to cope up with our courage and enthusiasm.

Maturity is the best gift of all the lessons that life teaches us. We become more aware of what is good and bad for us. We learn how to take responsibilities and how to act more wisely the next time which ultimately reduces the chances of failures and heartbreaks. So, all the lessons ultimately make us a person better than what we were before. We become wise, alert, smart, conscious, responsible and attain a self confidence that “I am now able to handle all the situations in my life by my own”.

Thus, heartbreaks, failures, rejections are all actually the opportunities that make us grow in a right direction. Example: A person who had a breakup with someone he loved will eventually become more wise and calculative the next time when he’ll go for a relationship. A person, who failed in the way of achieving something in life, will never repeat the same mistake again and the risk of losing the next time will automatically get reduced. A person, who has been rejected from any interview or important event, will analyze himself once again to make him a better person and will appear with more confidence the next time.

So, all these situations in our lives give us a chance to grow up and be better that what we actually are. All we have to do is, accept these downs of life as a part of life and then grow beyond them while going through them.

Instead of feeling pity about yourself, start living for yourself by learning through whatever you go through!!


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