Sometimes It’s Best to Move On!

Letting something go off in life is sometimes the most difficult but the best thing to do. Self analysis is the most important thing one should hold a command on. Whether something is working in your favor or not; this is the judgment you should be able to take in your life while stepping up. There are certain circumstances in our life where we find ourselves dwelling into complete mess and rather than thinking of taking up a bit of pain and move out, we always try to escape and eventually get submerged into more trouble.

There are certain situations in life where we have to leave certain people or paths as they may lead us to more trouble. But despite doing that, we become fallacious and walk exactly on those paths where we should not and this reeling after some time, takes us to more pain and suffering. Our true potential lies on how we stand up when life is worst at us. If we will start watching situations by being more practical and not thinking about the few days’ glory but the lasting happiness, half of the problem will automatically get solved. We have always heard and read that the road to success or happiness is never that easy but you have to earn it. Take it as a fact that you’ve to suffer a bit to earn the best days of your life. Being emotional, we are afraid of losing people whom we love or we are afraid of changing our paths especially when we have come across a long way. But ever realized that if the journey you’ve traveled so far has actually given you nothing, then what is the virtue of walking on it? If the people you love have actually no respect towards you and making you more negative indeed, then what is the point loving them? Can’t you give your love and time to those who actually love you back? Why not give importance to people who have been there for you when times were tough?

We choose some paths in our lives out of the situations or surroundings and feel that they are the best for us. And not just this, we walk a bit long on them, thinking they are leading us to our goals but just once stop for a while and analyze, what have you gained so far by walking on them? Are they actually leading you towards your goal or just making you addicted walking on them taking you away from your destiny. If the answer you get is yes, then continue walking, but if it comes no, then you’ve to take an action my friend. Analyze the situation well and if you get a negative result from all what you’ve done so far, change your track. I will not say that it is easy but it is the right thing to do to save yourself from falling into rest of the troubles.

It is never so easy to leave your paths, people in life especially when you’ve been on them since long. But, life is all about accepting the change and sometimes eventually bringing the change in your life for making your life better; especially when the change is the most necessary thing to do. There is a whole world waiting for you and you’ve to do wonders in life, so it is important that you start by distancing yourself from the negatives and no hope kind situations. It will be tough at the beginning but the very next day or the other; it will start becoming easy to move on as you’ll actually be depriving yourself from the negativity of your life.  Start giving time to your parents, start giving your time to the things that actually make you feel good, work on your hobbies, your interests, start meeting people who actually love you and are positive enough to motivate you. The moment you’ll stop wasting your time thinking about the worst that is happening with you and save your time by doing things that are constructive enough for you, you’ll automatically get on to the right track.

If letting go of something is the only solution to make your life better, you must go for it for you never know what miracles you will see when you bring the most difficult change in your life. If some situations in life give you no hope, it better to come out from them and get over them for it is the best thing to do. The more you’ll go for the easy path for that time, the more it will take you into trouble and the more difficult it would be to get out of it in the future. So if your calculations itself say that you should leave some things in life to achieve a better you, you should leave or let things go, as no one knows yourself better than you. Once you leave, start trying to move on from the very next moment by doing other things that you like as crying for things that were not worthy enough in your life will actually waste more of your time. See, that is the after effects of the negativity in your life that despite being detached from it, you eventually waste your time and energy in the guilt of the loss that was actually not the loss. And sometimes, if it’s not the guilt then we start cursing ourselves for taking up a bad decision and holding it for so long. But, this is life my dear friends, you always learn things from bad experiences and these lessons make you more human and cautious in future. So, right from the moment when you decide to leave the negativity, start thinking of all the positive things that can now make your life better. You become a free soul when you detach yourself from negativity and that is the best moment when you can make the best version of yourself by being the most lively, most loving, most friendly, most confident, most passionate, most courageous, most meticulous, most fanatic and the most exotic then you’ve ever been…..

It’s never easy to move on, but sometimes moving on is the best choice you make!



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