Start Where You Are!

Are you dreaming of the perfect time to show your move? Do you have plans but are waiting for the right time to execute them? Well, in that case I would say, start right now.

There is no such thing like a perfect moment, when you yourself have no clue about what the perfect situation would be like. And, even if you’ve thought about that perfect situation of your life, how many of you are sure that it is exactly going to be the same as you’ve imagined it?

This is life my dear friend, you never know what happens in the very next moment and by this, I mean that stop waiting for more and more to come on your way to ultimately perform. You’ll not even realize when life will abruptly pass by and  you will be left with just a big question mark.

If you have the potential to do something in life, just start with where you are with whatever you have on your side. Don’t wait for any blessing to fall on your part and just perform the best you can. The moment you’ll start, you will create opportunities for yourself or I should say that opportunities will start coming to you and you’ll be blessed indeed. God help those who help themselves, isn’t it?? So, you need to help yourself by taking up the responsibilities of your dreams and start working on them with just what you have with you.

I would say, trust your instincts and go for it and the more you’ll have faith in yourself, the more you’ll explore. Always remember that your mind is a powerful thing. You have to guide your mind to not expect situations and plan itself to what can make you reach your goals with what you have and once you’ll start moving, your life will automatically change.  

As I’ve mentioned in one of my post’s, the quote that “life is too short to be lived and too long to be experienced”. So start right now with all your strength. Even if you make mistakes, take them as lessons and move ahead, for this is the right moment to act and perform. Why to leave things on tomorrow when you yourself don’t know if tomorrow will occur or not? Why not have faith in the virtue of this moment and rise from itself only? Why not do it today? Your excitement, your zeal and your faith with surely make it happen my friend and yes, you’ll achieve what you’ve always wanted to, sooner than you’ve ever expected.

Have faith in yourself and start right now, to reach where you’ve always wanted to be!


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