Are you Determined Enough?

We all dream of something or the other big in life but do we all work up to the mark for it? Why is it so, that some people accomplish the goals on which you have given up? Why is it so that the person who started with you only, sometimes cross over and reach to the destination before you? The answer is very simple: more is your dedication and determination, less the time you’ll take to reach to your goals.

Dreaming something is very easy and important too as, if we’ll not dream, we’ll not have any inspiration to move on. But, dreaming only is not enough, you have to be ready to bleed and sweat to fulfill your dreams. You need to make a commitment to yourself that you’ll reach where you want to and have to start working for it by heart and soul from this moment itself.

Successful are the ones who pursue their goals with energy and focus. They are firmly centered on a chosen motive of their life and continuously work on it without thinking about the failure. Not even humans, the great sense of determination can also be understood through the wildlife. Ever seen a lion hunting for it’s prey? I am sure all of you must have watched the videos in discovery or other channels where a lion is in search of it’s prey. His full focus is on his target and just when he creates the right moment to act, he jumps and grabs it’s prey. The determination and focus that animals keep  give us a lot to learn about how we should act and perform to achieve our targets.

Determination is that success mantra, which will always take you forward despite the adversities and harsh realities of your life. No matter how many times you fall down, have the courage within and be determined enough to stand up again and give your best ,for your determination will soon take you to your dreams.

As the world famous author Og Mandino said “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”.  Your determination to succeed and to stand up every time you fall on the road of success will ultimately take you to your dreams. So, work hard and be dedicated and determined enough that nobody can stop you from moving ahead, not even you yourself!

Your determination decides how fast you’ll reach to your destination!


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