The Real Peace

There is no path to peace, peace is the path. These lines were said by Mahatma Gandhi and going through the core of these words, I somehow realized the truth behind it.

We all want peace in our lives but are actually not able to achieve it just because of our growing adversities that we our self have created.

Life is actually the result of our actions and reactions and in order to accomplish the “tit for tat” rule we deprive our inner self from peace.

Accomplishing peace in life is not about departing yourself from daily noises and putting yourself away from problems occurring in your life or getting detached from your loved ones. That would be foolishness for sure and you will then enter in a fake world. Achieving peace is about accomplishing things in life that satisfy your soul and potential, doing things that actually make you happy, accepting changes and exploring beyond them in order to succeed and above all, the real motto of being in peace lies in trusting yourself and feeling great about your actions. Be happy even if the reason to be happy about is too small as the world and our aspirations have no end and cheering every bit of thing will drive you through the road call “PEACE”.

If your soul will achieve peace, you would actually want to be a part of discussions, fun activities, hangouts and a lot more.

Wake up a day and decide to be happy from the very morning, forgive everyone who hurts you throughout; not because they are right, but because you deserve peace, keep your heart open for every kind action and spread happiness as much as you can. You will experience a day full of positive noise, a day where you communicated and enjoyed more than every day before. Ultimately, when your day will end up, you will surely take a breath of satisfaction and your heart and soul will feel peace, and that my friend is the real peace. It lies in doing things that cheer your mood and connecting with humanity.

Spread Love and Stay Peaceful!!!


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