Don’t be Afraid of Failures!!

Did you ever find yourself stuck at the middle of the circumstances in your life? Have you ever felt like a helpless person, who is not able to cope up with the changes in life? If yes, then believe it that you yourself have invited all these things in your life and more than that accept the truth that you are the only one who can actually control all the circumstances in your life by mastering the changes and mastering the art of acceptance.

Thomas Edison failed 100 times before inventing the bulb, but when he was asked about his failure, he promptly replied: I didn’t fail 100 times, I actually discovered 100 ways of how not to make a bulb. This is the attitude of positivity we all need to keep in our life. If things don’t work as you planned them, just accept it as a lesson, the way it was not to be done and it will guide you in life about not repeating the same mistake again.

In life, we all face failures but I guess that is also required at certain times as it makes you realize the value of success. But, one should never keep the fear of failure whenever trying to do something new. Instead of feeling fearful about the idea of loosing why not feel excited about the idea of succeeding? The fear of failure is more dangerous than the failure itself as it doesn’t allow you to even make an attempt for success and under that pressure we feel depressed and become more pessimists about our life and invite all other negative things as well. The more positive you are, more good you’ll attract and ultimately more happy your life will be. Rather than life driving you through routs, be the driver of your own life and enjoy the journey celebrating each and every moment.

Master your life and accept the changes, learn to live for yourself and love everyone. Rather than comparing your life with anyone’s focus more on the improvements you can make in your own life. The true measure of success in life is how far you have reached from the circumstances you were actually in. So, work on your life, overcome the changes accordingly and create a successful world for yourself.

Avoid being the victim of circumstances and create your own destiny!!!!


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