Be Real and Make an Impact!

Did you ever feel happy about being yourself? Has it ever happened that you suddenly woke up in the morning with a big smile on your face and a light heart thinking “I am gonna enjoy my whole day today”?

This relief can only take place in mind when you love yourself for who you are. We often try to modify our behavior with respect to the surroundings we are in but, did you ever think why do you have to pretend like someone else? Why don’t you want to be known as a person that you actually are? Is your identity not appealing enough? And if people don’t like you, do you really have to care about that? You are not in the world to impress anyone, are you?

Everyone today is in the queue of pleasing someone and getting attention in response; I would say why not be yourself and make an impact?? Why not reach at such a level in  your life where you achieve a stand for yourself and eventually get noticed? Why not get noticed for your hard work and success? The best part of it will be that you’ll never have to pretend and the bonus would be that people will love and follow you for what you actually are.

When one tries to pretend, he actually deprives him from himself as only your mind supports you and not your heart and soul. He moves away from his instincts and the greed of living the life that someone else is living leaves him of nowhere. The soul now trembles as it has now lost it’s own identity and even failed to achieve a new one. God has made all of us different so that we all can have a unique identity and we must work on improving it rather than changing it. Despite of willing to be like someone, for once try to seek out what you like the most about their personality and then work on that particular object for it will make you a better person and improve your identity rather than changing it. For example, I admire Sir Barack Obama a lot but I don’t want to be Barack Obama, neither I can be (lol) … So what I can do is; figure out what I like most about him that I admire him and then start grooming those qualities inside me for that will not change my identity (as I didn’t gave up on my qualities) but will surely make me a better person.

All the great people of times that we have heard or read about became famous and conquered their dreams just because they had faith in them and followed their instincts rather than trying to live someone else’s life. They set their targets and worked accordingly with all their might in order to accomplish their goals, their own ones.

Being true to yourself, is the most important mantra of achieving success in life and that can be acquired by being who you are and not comparing your lives with others. Be your own idol, set your own dreams and then work for them; for that will bring inner peace and satisfaction. When you are true to yourself and present yourself as who you are, then only your uniqueness can be seen.

The best part of being real is that you make an identity in front of people that is not artificial and when people see you growing from there, they get inspired from you. You will be recognized for who you are and the most precious reward of it will be: you’ll never have to copy anybody in your entire life.

Be True to Yourself, Chase your Dreams and Find your Real Worth!



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