Allow the Unexpected to Happen!


Paulo Coelho; an amazing Brazilian lyricist and novelist gave a wonderful quote saying “You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen”.

Life keeps on giving us surprises by introducing us to new people, new circumstances (both good and bad) and a lot more, but the consequences always lie on how we react to them.

The worst part in life is giving up on something that you actually want, just because of your fear of suffering. As I had mentioned on one of my previous posts that you have to unlock your potential in order to stand up for your dreams.

If you will not allow changes to take place in your life, things will always remain the same and ultimately your each day will be lethal. One needs to go with the flow; accepting changes taking place in lives and exploring beyond them.

Time changes, people change and you need to have faith that everything new in life will surely give you a new experience and precisely, when you will allow this to happen you will find yourself free; free from all negative thoughts that forbid your potential.

Few years back I read a book where it was mentioned: Never expect anything from anyone; Surprises are much better than heartbreaks. But, we humans always expect love and care back from people we love and care for. If we can expect things then we can also allow unexpected things to take place in our lives indeed and after that you’ll see the change. The change that can only occur when you’ll take risks to accomplish your dreams and will allow all the unexpected things to take place in your life. When you will leave your past that pulls you down and will actually live every moment in order to move forward, then only you will experience new things in life which will bring joy and will make you strong enough to chase every challenge.

Pain is temporary but success stays forever. Take risks, chase your dreams and the moment you’ll achieve your ultimate goal in life, every trouble would seem so small that it will vanish just with a deep breath.

Take Risks and Watch out the Miracles in Life!!


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